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neM1_I'm getting really REALLY tired of redoing every single boss battle in Destiny 2 4+ times due to the servers crashing.
Lord XNGR, here's a new trailer for The Punisher Netflix series [link]
Marvel's The Punisher | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix
After exacting revenge on those responsible for the death of...
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AerintheADEQUATE   Now that's a trailer.
RandyMarshBEER   wow... that looks really good.
AlpacachinoNGR at all, but something very personal and awesome happened today that I wanted to share with the OGS family: I passed my thesis and now officially carry the title of psychologist (yes I can now read your minds - yikes).
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Brak   Congrats, now stay out of my head doc
Alpacachino   @Abberjam: I got lotsa that psychopath xp!
WhammyTime91   Proud of you man.
best_jeppeA really great Episode in my opinion.
GameFace Episode 102: Nintendo Direct, PewDiePie, August NPD...
Support us via our Patreon: Reg...
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[Mod] Aussie Legend   Enjoyed what I played of the beta
CottelitoI was traveling over the weekend and just now got properly caught up on the story about The Judge and Goonswarm taking down Circle of Two in EVE, and it made me think:
With all the crazy GoT level intrigue that's been going on in that game over the years, it would make a pretty boss tv-show. And I wonder if companies like Netflix and HBO are looking at this and ponders "how would we go about to aquire the rights to do that". I would love to see either a high budget live action show or the studio that made the Castlevania anime to go all in and make an EVE series.
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Lucius Silver   I love the stories coming out of EVE. I still remember the war between the Coalition and Red Alliance. That would make a great show [link]
PS4 and Xbox gamers PLAY TOGETHER....BY ACCIDENT!?
Fortnite's been making same waves recently with its microtra...
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[Mod] Rowan   RE: the thumbnail. Of course, it's ony ever been sony saying no that stops this.
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Alexander   He was incorrect to say that mods are behind a paywall cause you can buy with glimmer but I bet the casual meant ornaments which are a complete different thing.

There are more enemy types, there is just no new enemy races yet.
[Mod] RowanNow with capture the flag
For Honor: Season 3 - Tribute Mode Reveal | Trailer | Ubisof...
The war between the Knights, Vikings, and Samurai rages on. ...
AlpacachinoDishonored 2 completed. What an excellent video game. It makes me sad that it sold so poorly, as I don't think we will see anymore games in the series, but I hope that Death of the Outsider sells enough to change that.

GG Arkane, thanks for the awesome games!
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StarBound   Tbh the poor sales was self inflicted with the lack of the review copies. Not just that but as soon as the game went live PC players had the mouse look issue. I myself was playing at a respectable 80fps+ but it didn't at all feel like a game running at 60fps. I think it took them 2 weeks to fix that issue.
iUserProfile   I agree. It's the most fun Non-VR game I played this year.
Alexander   Pretty sure it sold bad cause it's an Arkane game.
Didn't Prey also sell badly?
$300 PlayStation VR Deal Now Available
If you've been wanting a PlayStation VR but the price has kept you from buying, Amazon has a deal for you. For a limited time, you can get nearly $100 off the price of a PS VR + Ca...
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StarBound   Maybe this trailer is enough to get people hyped? I see SteamVR listed though. [link]
Oh btw, its Zone of Enders.
AerintheADEQUATE   @StarBound - Oh I'm hyped. I'm just not funded. :-p haha
[Mod] Abberjam   Love my PSVR. Custom-built games are definitely better than the adaptations, but thees plenty of good content to sink your teeth into :d
Darksaber17Sorry in advance about the quality the trailer is shown in but I couldn't find a better version on YouTube. The trailer itself wasn't bad or good to me. I just don't understand why this is so hard for filmmakers to get right. It's just female Indiana Jones, but I guess even that can be hard for some.
Watch Tomb Raider Reboot Movie's First Trailer
As promised, the full trailer for Tomb Raider is here. Alicia Vikander stars as Lara Croft, and the movie certainly looks like it will live up to director Roar Uthaug's earlier sug...
AerintheADEQUATE   Something tells me the scene in the gun shop where she buys the two pistols is the last scene in the movie.
Brak   The movie might be good but this trailer is pretty bad.
@Aerin That scene could even be an after credits stinger.
Huckleberry   Did they just remake the game?
AlpacachinoNew Humblebundle! [link]
Humble Very Positive Bundle 2
Pay what you want for a bundle of highly rated games and support charity!
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marcoolio   You mean to tell me I can get Shadow of War - a game I'm interested in - without giving a shitty publisher a single cent?

[Mod] Rowan   No, you can get the game that came out before shadow of war. :p
marcoolio   I chose the top tier. Directed some money to devs, who provided DRM-Free installers. Rest went 10-90 to HB and charity.
It says Shadow of War keys are coming soon. Seems like I got away with this.
I feel no remorse for giving WB the middle finger.
Aaron BUh oh, someone's pride got stepped on
H1Z1 Dev: "There Wouldn't Be PUBG Without H1Z1"
Daybreak says it "pioneered this idea." I recently spoke with H1Z1 developer Daybreak about the latest update to its battle royale shooter H1Z1: Kill of the Kill and the runaway su...
iUserProfile   No H1Z1 without Day Z.
Lance Latham   And no day Z without Arma, so....
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