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Res BellicaeThe DLC "War of the Chosen" for Xcom 2 seems to be the DLC I've always wanted for that game. Sounds very awesome what they did with it.
Ian - Alexander ArtsBeen thinking about buying this game recently...
RolentoXCool dress shoes for people with big feet who liked to game in style...
Hillsboro Navy on Navy Dress Shoes Preowned Size 14 (EU 47) ...
They are navy on navy and come with plain navy dress laces. They have rubber soles and are made out of a soft leather like man made material. The shoes go great with khaki's, tan o...
Aaron B1u7ja7.jpg
We Happy Few will be a full priced retail game
Psychedelic sci-fi survival satire We Happy Few has expanded its scope from quirky indie to full-priced retail game, with Gearbox to publish a physical release 13th April, when the...
Brak   That e3 stagedemo had me really excited until i saw actual gameplay
Aaron B   I LOVE the premise. But I'm skeptical because it was initially a small game, and they decided mid development to make it this big thing.

I'll wait for reviews, but I'm watching this one.
iUserProfile   Transformations like this lead to undesired feedback *cough* No Man's Sky *cough* ...
StarBound   created a new thread Sonic Mania - Mini review in the Outlaw Reviews forum
TokyochuchuSonic Mania is 'The Good Old Days' given some spit and polish and let loose to ride again. It's friggin' awesome!
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Brak   Spit is the only thing Sonic deserves if you ask me
Mikeygunshow   This game is really hitting all the sweet spots for me, i didnt realise how much I missed Sonic until I booted this up on my Switch.
Sonic aint no Mario but its still fun as hell
Tokyochuchu   @Brak - I guess it really was literal spit and drool and milky sick from you to Sonic back in 'the good old days'... But the 'good old days' for us MEN was playing Genesis and Super Nintendo and tons of classic gaming goodness. By contrast, the peak of life for you was a bit of talcum powder, a fresh nappy and a telly-tubby rattle!
Tom Clancy's The Division - Free Update 1.7 Trailer
Free update 1.7 will be available on August 15th on all plat...
StarBound   Been wanting to go back for a while but the game just hasn't pulled me back in.
Huckleberry   does this do it, Starbound? I don't think it will for me (though I would love to get back in)
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Neil Mccauley
Aaron BI've been playing Yooka-Laylee, (after the patch made it tolerable), and it's not bad, really.

It does, however, lack the magic of Banjo. It honestly just feels really cheap and hollow. I think I described it before as just putting a lizard costume on the corpse of Banjo, and presenting it as something new.

It's still keeping my interest, and I like some of the characters (Rextro for instance). Maybe it will get more charming in the later portions of the game.
AerintheADEQUATE   It sounds like they fell into one of the pitfalls for spiritual successors that also go for the retro feel.
They set out to make a Banjo game without the rights to make a Banjo game, so everything they create for it is essentially an effort to make 'Banjo' with different names and textures. It's really easy for something like that to come across as cheap and hollow.
I'm trying to think of an example where that wasn't the case. So far I'm drawing a blank.
Christopher Brady   [link] Maybe you can agree?
Aaron BI've enjoyed CinemaSins for around 2-3 years, but have stopped watching them as of late (I've linked them on this site a lot). I've always tried to excuse the mean spirited takedowns of movies they do, but I think this director raises some very good points about how it's not just the mean spirited nature of their videos, but that they're often inaccurate and make film fans more stupid as a result of watching their videos.

CS has thrown tantrums in the past (against ScreenJunkies once) and he's throwing another one now on Twitter, and I'm starting to realize that maybe they really are childish, less creative wannabes of MST3K.
'Skull Island' Director Pinpoints the Problem with CinemaSin...
In the past, it hasn't been hard to find people on Twitter arguing against CinemaSins, a popular series of YouTube videos that point out apparent errors and other "sins" in movies....
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AerintheADEQUATE   @Brak - Amen. The real discussion everyone needs to have about the Nolanverse is that Batman was only 'Batman' for like 3-4 years before quitting for around 8 years, coming back for maybe a year, and then ultimately sailing off to Europe with a hot young criminal to screw, drink wine, and eat fancy food until he dies of old age.
They're some good movies but man is that an underwhelming Batman. :-p
Christopher Brady   These are the guys who do 'Everything wrong in X movie in X minutes are less'? Cuz if so, I've watched a few and always found them overly nitpicky.

I wish they had done more like how much in movie world financial damage action movies do. Like the their Diehard one, that was funny.
Lance Latham   Movies with Mikey is entertaining and thoughtful.
Aaron B
Engineer invents Switch peripheral for one-handed gamers
Mechatronics engineer Julio Vazquez has invented a couple of peripherals that make the Switch's Joy-Con controllers much easier to play for disabled players limited to the use of o...
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Alpacachino   Saw this. Extremely cool.
Equinoxe   Great for one-handed people. And for texting while playing. I went for texting. I could have gone darker places...
iUserProfileRegarding the In-love-with-Hellblade-club: Count me in.
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Thor   Don't put your dick in crazy.
AerintheADEQUATE   Words to live by.
StarBoundThink this game is still going to be talked about for a while however there is one game in the Sonic series that is unfairly being ignored and that is Sonic Generations. Sure this is a 2D sonic but to me Sonic Generations properly brought Sonic into the 3D era.
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StarBound   Indeed it does. One gripe I actually have with mania is that they rely really heavily on the old zones. While I do like remade zones full on fresh would have been preferred. As for generations I have to agree that the boss fights lacked any imagination in contrast the boss fights in mania is awesome.
[Mod] Aussie Legend   Tbh I have that problem with most of the 3D Sonic games, guess we'll just have Green Hill Zone in every game until the end of time
StarBound   Indeed and green hill zone isn't my favourite opening zone. That belongs to Angel island and is tied with mushroom hill zone but it actually goes hand in hand with what was done during Sonic 3 & Knuckles which was basically the entire redesign of the game, the effects of the shields, the music that is different between act 1 and 2 and also the difference in design between the acts.
Soul NibblerI didn't know there were THAT many horrible accessories for the Game Boy :d [link]
Game Boy Accessories - Angry Video Game Nerd
AVGN: Nintendo Game Boy Accessories Episode 147 Visit Our Se...
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AerintheADEQUATE   I had the magna-screen thing with the lights... I thought I was in the future, man.
Ian - Alexander Arts   Me too Aerin, haha!
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