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Aaron BThat seems like a pretty big deal for FF fans. I’ve only played they FFX, but I know who Kefka is.
Final Fantasy 14's next update brings back Kefka
Square Enix has announced that Final Fantasy 14: Stormblood's 4.2 update will be arriving January 30, and it's bringing some heavy nostalgia with it. Fans of the MMO will know what...
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Aaron B   Played thru*
[Mod] Aussie Legend   Kefka is a big deal (I don't play 14 though)
Aaron B
Castlevania Returning To Netflix This Summer With 8 New Epis...
The writer behind the first season of Netflix's Castlevania series, Warren Ellis, recently confirmed on twitter that a part two is on the way. Ellis didn't offer an exact release d...
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Soul Nibbler   Me likey
AerintheADEQUATE   so maybe we'll get an 'Act 1' to go with the decent prologue we got last season :)
[Mod] Aussie Legend   guess I should watch the first season
Aaron B
New Footage Of New PlatinumGames RPG, Granblue Fantasy
Back in mid-2016, action game developer PlatinumGames announced a partnership with Cygames to make a PlayStation 4 RPG based on their massively popular mobile RPG, Granblue Fantasy...
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AerintheADEQUATE   I know nothing about this series but this at least looks pretty.
Aaron BFair enough, I guess

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[Mod] Rowan   Karbin is a serious and legitimate threat and rival to darth vader in the diisneyverse. At least vader doesn't give a fuck about the helicopter saber guys.
[Mod] Rowan   5904742-1369551420-oFNyT.jpg
AerintheADEQUATE   I love that those are two different panels. It's hard to tell because his face is the same shot of Ackbar traced onto what I assume is a tracing of two similar Grievous poses. High quality.
Uncle DudeSomething is happening in the Cloverfield universe.

Reddit says this is the unscrambled message:

"Tokyo – January 18 2018 Tagruato has begun development on a revolutionary new energy technology In what Ceo Garo Yoshida called a technological great leap forward for our planet This renewable technology will take at least 4 year to complete with along with another six years International regulatory bodies to bring the powerful revolutionary energy source by april 18 2028"

I'm down for this.
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Cottelito   I'm right there down with you. All I know is that the project name is "The God Particle" and that it's supposed to come out sometime this spring. Imdb says April 20 for Sweden, but I think it's supposed to be earlier in the US. Either way, a trailer should drop soon. Hyped.
Uncle DudeThe best thing about American Truck Simulator is the ability to upload a real photo of yourself.
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StarBound   Looks at Uncle Dude's avatar, looks at Uncle Dude's american truck upload.

...Nope, I do believe the truck upload is a fake. Your avatar pick is the real deal aint it? :p
Uncle Dude   OGS avatar pic is me at 22. ATS profile pic is at my current age of 23.

It's been a tough year.
ThorWhat are y'all playing this weekend, outlaws? I am going through Horizon Zero Dawn. Game looks fantastic. Really amazing what Guerrilla was able to achieve on (now) weak piece of hardware. I have only 2 complaints. No mini map and no lock on option in fights. Also playing Gemini Rue on my PC of shit.
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[Mod] Rowan   DT2WCiiUMAAKdPr.jpg
WhammyTime91   Prey, hopefully.
Alpacachino   Magic the Gathering 2014, Nioh (I'm joining Marcolio in the pulp-beating), PUBG, Metal Gear Survive with the OGS crew and probably some Battle Chef Royale.
Aaron BShocker.
Empire at War devs pitched sequel to EA, but nothing resulte...
During a Reddit AMA about their latest RTS Forged Battalion, developers Petroglyph revealed they were keen to create a sequel to their breakthrough RTS title Star Wars: Empire at W...
AerintheADEQUATE   tenor.gif
[Mod] Esteban   I'd rather they not make any more Star Wars games and deny every new pitch than to have any more games that run on microtransactions
BrakLot better than the first trailer but i'm not sold yet.
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Hokum   If they've made a good movie out of this, it does not matter how old the story is or how relevant the franchise is. If it is a bad movie, well then it's just another bad movie.
This is a better trailer then the first one imho.
[Mod] Esteban   Unless a T-rex is hidden behind the simple-whythefuckwasthisnotsolvedallyouhadtod owasrotateit puzzle lock is it really faithful to Tomb Raider?
Ian - Alexander Arts   Tomb Raider is still relevant in those ways, it's just that in my eyes Tomb Raider is a thing of the past, it was replaced by Uncharted and now Uncharted is done. Indiana Jones is dead. Tomb Raider has made a come back and now it has some space to grow, I guess. It's just I thought the 2013 game was pretty average and never bothered finishing it.
Soul NibblerThe first 2 seasons were crazy and amazing, it looks like they double down on round 3 [link]
Ash vs Evil Dead | Season 3 Official Trailer | STARZ
Ash is back, baby! Get ready to face evil when Season 3 of A...
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Brak   It's a fun campy show but i wouldn't really call it amazing myself.
Aaron B   I think season one is now on Netflix US
AerintheADEQUATE   The last episode I watched was in Season 1 and I've been meaning to catch up ever since. Dont' have Starz and internet's not too great for piracy :-p
In my opinion Evil Dead is best done bonkers, so I'm hoping I'll like it.
Though I do think maybe slinging his fertile frozen bodily fluids is probably going a bit far :p
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Aaron BThis sounds like something I would love.
They Are Billions is an unputdownable RTS revelation
How long can you survive? It's so simple and so effective: build a base and protect it from the enemy zombie hordes. Not the ones milling about on the map, although they do trickle...
Ian - Alexander Arts   Remember that StarCraft level where you had to fend off the Zerg until rescue ships arrived, let's make that into a game!
Aaron B   @Ian I’m not sure if you’re being ironic or not, but I agree with that sentiment :p
Ian - Alexander Arts   I just say things.
Soul NibblerGet Carmageddon TDR 2000 for free on gog [link]
FREE: Carmageddon TDR 2000
Heads up! This game contains humour, strong language, and violence that some may find offensive. You may find it offensive in other ways, too. We do. Disclaimer!
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AerintheADEQUATEI love Bosman's reaction to the prices. :-p
Also, Huber is awesome.
Nintendo Labo Announcement - Easy Allies Reactions
A little imagination and some string and cardboard is all it...
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Soul Nibbler   Jones: "You put your Switch on your head?!"
What a jolly reaction xD
Cottelito   "We are putting this up on Youtube."
"We are?!"
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