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BrakCaptain Snake Rogers: "America has changed"
Captain America looks like snake now and it's kind of amazing
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Ian - Alexander ArtsI've been looking for a used copy of Horizon Zero Dawn for a while but could never find one, so I just bought a new copy yesterday. Enjoying it so far. I'm surprised there are some janky aspects to the cutscenes though, hair and clothes flying around and gravity defying bracelets.
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Brak   It's the future alright, that's just how bracelets work in the post apocalypse
Aaron BJust saw Valerian. I don't think you could have had two more miscast leads if you tried. Can someone tell me why Dane DeHann is in movies?

The movie had a somewhat interesting plot, but the movie didn't seem all that interested in it, as it's packed to the brim with non sequiturs, and filler.
Wasn't awful, just really unfocused.

Say something nice without a damned caveat? It was very creative and imaginative.
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Aaron B   He was fine when he was a minor side character in lawless. But he can't carry the scenes that a lead role requires him to.
Brak   It doesn't help that the dude just looks like a failed Dicaprio clone.
Res Bellicae   I can think of one, Aaron: Jupiter Ascending.
AlpacachinoI'm at the very end of Persona 5. 99 hours clocked in. At this point, I'm just stretching it out, because I really don't want it to end :/ insane that I, of all people, say this about a singleplayer game that I've almost spent 100 hours in.
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Aaron B   Yeah, don't be so sure you're at the very end!
✰✰➯@ℓℨ✖❕$↩✰✰   Alpaca. Sorry buddy but you're not at the end.
Alpacachino   Well, to say anything abiut where I am would be evil, but Alekzis, I passed the point we talked about yesterday and there just been a huge info/plot dump. It feels like one of those moments where the game tells me to get my things sorted.
best_jeppeI literally went out from Dunkirk and first I must state that I went in to the movie unsullied (haven't watched any trailers or any promotional media). Moving on I must say that I really appreciate Nolans dedication to authenticity and the realism of it. With that said I didn't really like it. I kept thinking "when is the movie suppose to start" because everything just felt like it was leading up to something. Also, the way the narrative was constructed distracted me a fair bit because it turned my brains attention to the wrong thing. I might also have gotten desensitized from all comic book movie block busters from recent years. All in all I would give it a solid 3 out of 5, mainly because of the craftsmanship.
Aaron B   Yes, I mistyped that. What I mean is there is no main protagonist.

There's also no strictly defined main antagonist, unless you want to get philosophical and say "The beach itself" or something like that. Every now and then a German is present, yes, but you get the general idea of what I'm saying. It's not at all a typical narrative.
[Mod] Aussie Legend   It's a movie about getting redcoats from point A to point B, it's definately a specific thing they went for but it doesn't hold up to something like Hacksaw for me personally but it's not really "going" for something like that
Brak   @Aussie So it's not going for forced sentimentality and cartoon character acting like Hacksaw?
StarBoundWell despite having gotten 3 seitengrates to breeze through FF12 I have now decided to abandon the game. After everything is said and done I just cannot get into the game. The environments are boring, combat is just as bad and I just end up feeling that despite most things dying in a single hit that I am way under leveled for the areas that I am progressing in.

Back to Crash Bandicoot at least.
Alexander   Abandoning a game is never fun coz that let down and feel of ' shit I wasted my money.. yeah but on the bright side, there are more games than time.
Ian - Alexander Arts   I went back a couple years ago to beat the PS2 copy I had never played through. It was fun for a while but a huge slog at the end. I did finish it though, which gives me a weird sense of accomplishment. I wouldn't recommend the game to most JRPG fans though. Sounds like the HD Remix doesn't add enough to it either.
Alpacachino   Only post FF6 game I never completed (except for the 2nd and 3rd Lightning games). It just didn't have the FF magic, and the main character was awful. Some characters were pretty cool though.
BarachimSo, right now Yakuza Zero makes me want to break things. What's with the sudden bullshit difficulty spike? I was playing the game without a problem, beating random mobs that attack me, and now I get pummeled like a punching bag. I need to constantly chuck drinks, and can barely even do that, because I often can't open the inventory, because I am constantly getting assaulted, with barely a break.
Alexander   Aaron, are you saying that your gf is unknowingly implying that Bara needs to get gud?!
Barachim   Well, figured it out. The item 'Charismatic Autobiography' is to blame.
Aaron B   @Alex lol no - were only in chapter* 2, so right at the beginning of the game
Aaron B
Dunkirk Rules the Weekend Box Office While Valerian Flops
Girls Trip crushes in its debut. Dunkirk had a strong opening weekend in domestic theaters, exceeding expectations with an estimated debut of $50.5 million. While Christopher Nolan...
AerintheADEQUATE   Not very surprising. Even if Valerian was somehow the biggest thing releasing this weekend I expect it wouldn't do very well in the U.S.
That being said, I'm not optimistic for it to do well elsewhere either. It doesn't sound like a crowd pleaser.
Aaron B   lol I was actually surprised. I was hoping Dunkirk would do well, but was worried Valerian would clean its clock.
AerintheADEQUATE   Now THAT would have been a surprise! haha
BarachimAnd the Destiny 2 Beta keeps disappointing. Well, might have been my fault this time for expecting too much. The Farm opened like 19 minutes ago, and you get to explore it for an hour. And there's nothing to do. It's a nice looking Hub area, but except turning lights on and off or playing soccer against other players, there's nothing. Not a single NPC in sight to talk to.
AerintheADEQUATE   Playstation Home: The Return
Alexander   Bara...
It's a stress test, everything is detailed in various news articles.
They said there won't even be vendors so yes it's your fault.
Stop disappointing yourself.
Res Bellicae
Todd McFarlane will write and direct a Spawn movie for Blumh...
Todd McFarlane has been teasing work on a new film based on his beloved Image Comics character Spawn for a very long time now. It's been 20 years since the first feature film, a di...
Aaron B   I liked every word in that headline except for "Blumhouse"
AerintheADEQUATE   Hmm, not much information to go on. I guess we'll see how this goes.
best_jeppe   It seems hard to do a comic-book movie like Spawn on a budget of 5-10 million. On the other hand the director will have complete creative control.

Personally I think this could be very interesting since some of my favourite movies these past years have been Blumhouse productions (Whiplash, Split and The Purge-series to an extent).
Aaron B
Open Beta For Ghost Recon: Wildlands' PvP Mode Coming
To date, Ghost Recon: Wildlands has lacked any kind of formal player-versus-player component, but that's set to change later this year with the release of Ghost War. Before it arri...
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iUserProfileIs anybody aware of a PS4 title that utilizes the DS4 touchpad in a semi-interesting way for gameplay. I'm always looking at that and think that it's such a waste.
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[Mod] Aussie Legend   Ironically I think the order 1886 is probably the most interesting use case they've done for it, other than that it is a nice big leaderboard/map button
CottelitoJust finished Ori and the blind forest and really enjoyed it. Great mix of Metroidvania with Rayman gameplay and it's own art style and atmosphere.
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Alpacachino   The music and the art style makes this one of, if not THE, most beatiful game I've ever played.
BarachimPrepare a change of underwear. Also, the final shot may be a bit spoilerific, so beware, if you don't know who the big bad is. But if you know Thor, you can probably guess.
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AerintheADEQUATE   I actually liked the bit with Hulk talking, which surprised me. Looks like a fun movie.
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