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Box Peek Episode 1 (Special Preview Edition)
Far in advance of the series' full premiere, here's the firs...
WhammyTime91Great article. Does a great job explaining why I love Paradise so much.
Seeing Burnout through fresh eyes
The first video game my son ever played - I mean really played, rather than toyed with - was Burnout Paradise. We played together, but he took control; he decided what he wanted to...
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SWANSEN   I’m having fun playing it again on ps4pro. The bikes are stupidly fast which is all new for me. My son once again has his A license already and loving it all over again. It was one of the first games he started playing when he was 4.
StarBound   I've played the ultimate box recently to see if I would like the remaster but I end up bored which was not my feeling when I last booted up Takedown on my xbox 360 (back compat).
WhammyTime91   @Swansen I'm not surprised. While it's not the biggest open world by modern standards it is so exquisitely designed. It got me thinking about Breath of the Wild, of all games. Insofar as there is always something interesting around a corner, be it a new shortcut or a billboard to smash or just a nice big jump to hurl your car off of. It's one of those cases where there is no real hand holding, apart from the occasional hint from DJ Atomica (which has actually aged quite well), instead of waiting for the game to show you to how to have fun it tells you to go out there and find it for yourself. I'm falling in love with it all over again.
Aaron BAfter a week and a half or so of playing Monster Hunter World, it’s nice to be able to pause my game again :-)
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Aaron B   *meant to say 2 weeks and a half or so.
SWANSEN   I sat down yesterday to get back into some MH goodness. The house was quite and just as I started I had unexpected guests rock up.

Was like :l
AbelAlmightySaw Tomb Raider last night. It was good. She narrowly escapes death almost as much as in the game. Boobs could have been bigger, but the action didn't disappoint. Laura busts out the MMA moves like a UFC champ!
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SWANSEN   Its a foxtel watch for me. Looks entertaining.
Equinoxe   Looks like I have to watch it in 2D, so I can make up the third dimension in my mind...
Brak   It's bad
BarachimThis is ****ing glorious! XD
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Tokyochuchu   This better not be a picture of Orton with the United States championship!
Barachim   OmfniRC.gif
AbelAlmighty   [link]
AlpacachinoHappy b-day to everyone's favorite Lorin Baumgarten, who taught us all something about the age-slowing process playing video games. Or something. Congrats dude!
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Aaron B   We’re on to your scheme. You just want this kind of attention twice!
[Mod] Aussie Legend   You only get one birthday Lorin sorry you'll have to wait for next year.
SWANSEN   I will wait for the official birthing day then.
AlpacachinoWhen Brent asked me for my t-shirt size, I thought he was in the process of writing a sticky fanfiction and needed inspiration for a sexy male lead. Instead, I got this awesome t-shirt in the mail yesterday, littered with inside jokes from our Divinity Original Sin 2 adventures with Neil and Lance.

You, sir, are genius, and I thank you from the bottom of my flowchart.
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Lance Latham   The bottom indeed. You need to start reading from the TOP of the flow chart!!
SWANSEN   I’m enjoying DOS1 on Xbox1X
Res Bellicae   uploaded 17 images to Witcher Saga
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StarBoundNot to fond of it running on old technology but I love Brutal Doom so looking at a shooter in the same vain.
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Christopher Brady   I loved Rise of The Triad and Shadow Warrior of that era. Wish more games would mimic their dual wield thing, though. I wish I had the skill and patients to make my own game...
Aaron B
Remembering 1998: The Biggest Games That Turn 20 This Year
With seminal releases such as Metal Gear Solid, Resident Evil 2, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, and more--these are the titles that made 1998 an iconic year.
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best_jeppe   I wish Valve had the "decency" to mark this milestone a new Half-Life game!
Brak   Maybe they're announcing a Half Life remake done by bluepoint to celebrate
Aaron B   uploaded 3 images to Gaming Humor
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Aaron BThanos’s quest to conquer the galaxy stems from deep-seeded self-loathing.
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Axel   created a new thread 4K tv for dummies in the Off Topic forum
HuckleberryI had hoped that Homefront The Revolution would be worth the $5 I paid for it. But it suffers from the worst combination of shitty checkpoints paired with unskippable cutscenes I have seen a a game for years. Sprinkle in a little CTD and you end up with what could have been an ok game being one frustrating session after another. Uninstalled after 90 minuted of gameplay.
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Aaron B   It really is a shame how it turned out, because the promotional material indicated it would be a blast.
Huckleberry   I did read the review scores, not the reviews. I didn't know it would suffer so badly from design and technical issues. Without those issues, the game looked decent (though was in desperate need of an FOV slider) and felt like it had decent gunplay (though I only got far enough in the game to play with one weapon). But I cannot stomach cutscenes you can't skip (and this game had alot and long ones) and the worst offense in a game to me is that coupled with checkpoints that result in you going back to right before the cutscene and no manual save. So, multiple times as I was learning the game, I would die and then have to watch the same 60 second cutscen 4 times. That is a dealbreaker for me and is basic design 101.
Brak   I was really hoping that it would turn into a urban far cry but it was just shit. I only played the hour long trial though but I didn't even finish that.
Aaron BDragon Ball FighterZ is exactly what DBZ games needed.
Ian - Alexander Arts   @lol Rowan. I bought Xenoverse and FighterZ and haven't put much time into either of them. I would prefer an RPG-style game that looks like FighterZ, I think. Right now I am just enjoying watching Super and the Buu saga. I realized that I had never really seen everything after Frieza, just bits and pieces, and most of the iconic scenes. Watching the Kai version is good, definitely gets rid of most of the boring filler, although the pacing is still pretty bad at times.
Aaron B   They made Krillin fun/viable to play as. ‘Nuff said.
CoruptAI125   If it had a good single player then I might agree.
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