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HALLOWEEN: A Confusing History (The timelines explained)
The Halloween movie series timelines explained in the most c...
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Human MetalCan't believe those guys were able to stay mostly straight-faced through this barrage of nonsense. The moment the song started playing for the first time my head was on the table. Truly supreme dorkery.

Frame Trap - Noodles & Broth E3 2018
The Master Chef returns on a special edition of Frame Trap w...
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Cottelito   nice cliffhanger for next year :d
EquinoxePersona 5 platinum trophy? Done bear!
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Aaron B   Grats man, I bet that one took some work lol
best_jeppeSo the game is at a MINIMUM 2 years from full release. I would expect it takes another 3 years so 2021 might be a feasible release date.
Beyond Good & Evil 2 Beta Planned For End Of Next Year
Ubisoft once again showed off Beyond Good & Evil 2 at E3, and now that the show is over, the game's director Michel Ancel has more news for fans: a playable beta is planned for the...
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best_jeppe   The way you lay it out Cottelito makes perfect (capitalistic) sense to me. You can see the trailers as recruitment/excitement material that will fuel the fans passion and involvement. If the trailers cost about a million a piece (probably a bit less in reality) that is about the cost of 20 developers for a year. Let's say that they can make a 3D prop in 2 weeks (might actually be longer in real life) then they can produce about 25 props per person per year for a total of 500 props. But if you get 5000 fans whom (remember, at the moment there is a huge surplus of wannabe game developers) can consider making props for free then you have made a huge cost saving measure.

Makes total sense.
Cottelito   I get what you are saying, but it seems like so much of a gamble to me. Then again, I am not known for my keen business sense.
But if they wanted to create that "let's build this together, fans" feeling, why not start there? By showing an early alpha build of what the gameplay is actually intended to be and then take it from there instead of showing two insanely lavish CGI trailers. Once I get, to - as you say - build excitment. But gamers are cynical and bitchy as is already, why push it? And this is not Fifa or CoD, if they piss of the community, this game is dead already.
best_jeppe   @Cottelito: Well they have actually been showing rough gameplay from the start. After last year's reveal they published this: [link]

And then they have their "Space Monkey Program" where they, from my understanding, publish information continuously.
CottelitoJim put's this years smack down. I don't always agree with him, but I do love that british wit and his leftfield angles on the industry.
Winners & Losers E3 2018 (The Jimquisition) http://www.thejimquisiti...
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AerintheADEQUATESo I'm finally stepping through ResidentEvil 7 and I'm probably still pretty early on, but I get the feeling that I really dig it. So far it feels like a marriage of the original game and PT in terms of how it feels to play.
I'm still not super invested in the setting/characters yet, but I'm not turned off either. So far I've rolled my eyes once in reaction to what I considered to be too-over-the-top gore.
So far so good.
Gotta say I was really hoping for the option to attach the C******w to my bloody S***p, but I guess nothing's perfect right?
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AerintheADEQUATE   Obligatory : slowpoke_3584.png
Aaron B   I think that’s (the marriage of PT and RE1) a great way to describe it. And that’s why it was so well received, I think. It manages to be something brand new while simultaneously being something old and classic.
BarachimThe person who came up with this, really deserves a good smack in the face.
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[Mod] Aussie Legend   Wonder what kind of bullshit they're going to try and pull in Sekiro
Aaron B   *clears throat for 2 minutes*

best_jeppe   Activision is a Honey Badger: [link]
[Mod] Aussie LegendHoping to get betting results up within the next few days, hope everyone had an enjoyable E3!
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Ian - Alexander Arts   RE2 and Cyberpunk were awesome reveals!
Soul NibblerInteresting, a South Korean live action remake of the anime film Jin-Roh is coming out. Thus the entire Kerberos trilogy is live action now. Although I don't know if this can be canon to the other movie4s, since the setting is obviously changed to Korea. [link]
Jin-Roh Live Action Remake (2018)
2018.7.25 개봉 워너브라더스 코리아 배급 루이스 픽쳐스 제작 감독 : 김지운 출연 : 강동원, 정우성...
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Cottelito   Looks cool – I remember liking the movie that came out in 1999 so I'll definitely check this out.
Human Metal   Don't really see the point in live action adaptions of animated movies (unless the live action part can actually add something to it...which it almost never does...mostly it's the opposite), but they did a good job of modeling the iconic suits.
Neil MccauleyOK...
[Mod] Esteban   I get the chemical reaction side of things but there is also a personal responsibility side that gets completely ignored or overlooked. There are legit people who have chemical imbalances but there are even more people who look for an excuse to not take responsibility for their own actions. I have an addictive personality but my problems are of my own making and are solely up to my responsibility to deal with. I've seen too many people use terms as a crutch instead of definitively getting an actual concrete diagnoses from an expert to prove they are what they claim to be. When you ignore the factors that lead to a problem you'll never achieve a solution. Sending a kid to outdoor rehab doesn't address not only his access to stuff out of their price range but also why there were no boundaries set in place. A child does not get addicted to Candy Crush on a $900 phone with a $50+ internet service unless a parent is not doing the basic things that any parent should be doing.
Aaron B   @Aerin
We are in complete agreement, but I was specifically referring to the last sentence in Esteban’s previous post.
Alpacachino   The reason why diagnoses are so powerful and popular is that they help us reduce complexity in the understanding of behavior we don't understand and/or legitimize. They are tools of categorization, not inherent things in people. They are descriptive, and they prescribe ways of treatment, whether medical or therapeutic, but they should never be used solely to point to the individual alone. This is very important to understand when it comes to any form of mental illness, real or fake.

While Aaron is right in the fact that there are biological aspects to addiction, this must never become the sole way of understanding it (knowing Aaron, I don't think he would ever proclaim that either). Like Esteban touches on, there are systemic factors that comes into play here, whether socioeconomic standing, availability, failures of surrounding people to interfere (parents or others) or other life factors, that we must look at to grasp the fact that some kids (and grown ups) play 12-14-16 hours each day.

I work with kids, parents, teachers and other professionals, and I'm no stranger to this reductive view of "gaming itself as the big baddy". It is easy to point fingers at, and the funny thing is that when you ask parents why they think their kid play all day, and start investigating it, you often discover a whole slew of reasons that makes gaming more attractive than to participate in what others think as the normal way of living. Whether it is unreasonably high demands from school, parents, or social media. These kids are blasted 24-7 with images and "perfect" ways of being that non of us were growing up, and some parents just don't discuss these things with their kids, which you quickly discover if you ask them.
BarachimThis is actually pretty neat.
Spider-Man PS4 E3 2018 - Daily Bugle Easter Eggs! Mysterio, ...
Marvel's Spider-Man PS4 webbed up all kinds of E3 2018 award...
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[Mod] Aussie Legend   That guy is very good
Aaron BValkyria Chronicles can be really frustrating sometimes. I’m on a mission in chapter 16 where I’m supposed to “guide” a train, but it makes literally no attempt to explain how in the fuck you are supposed to go about doing that.

There have been similar cases throughout the game- at one point, I’m told to roll my tank into a ditch to stop this asshat from one-shorting me, and she doesn’t say which ditch, or *how to do it*, so I tried, in vain, to roll my tank into the only thing that looked like a ditch, but it didn’t work.
LiverOfLegend   I think you need to shoot bombs to cause landslides if I'm remembering correctly. Sorry, it's been a while.
Aaron B   Yeah you’re correct, but they don’t explicitly tell me that until 3 turns have passed, and I’m running around stressed about where to position my units, etc.

And even then they say “use the bombs to slow them down!”, not that they will direct the thing. I’m just tired of looking up clarification on google for these missions.

I’m liking the game overall, though.
LiverOfLegend   Ahh. There are definitely a couple of missions in there that want you to play a very specific way and expect you to know what that way is without giving you any information. Glad you're liking it though.
[Mod] Rowan
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Aaron BNGR, but I couldn’t NOT share this.
Hooked on a feelin’
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StarBoundSon of a glitch!
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