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AaronIve been playing the original “Homefront”, and I miss the era of all these solid, but-not-spectacular story-driven FPSs.

I’m having a nostalgia trip with a lot of them now- planning on playing Alien vs Predator, F.E.A.R. 3, and might even fuck around and play Area-51 Blacksite.
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AlpacachinoFirst bit of backlog clearing started with one of the games that has been haunting me since PS2, Okami. What a great game so far, about four hours in. Really enjoy the soundtrack and the weird/beautiful visuals.
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Linx   Lok-tar ogar!

Oh man, love the pre-expansion animated shorts. These new ones look like they are going to be fantastic.
StarBoundThe shady yet non-shady side of PC gaming :p
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AaronI’m looking for a quality, curved monitor for gaming (doesn’t have to be 4K), for preferably below $200.00. Does anyone have any recommendations?
[Mod] Rowan   Samsung has a couple for under £200 right now, idk if they do a direct conversion for $, but the one I use is LS27D590CS 27 inch 1080p screen, got it for a decent price around that range on boxing day.
StarBound   Doesn't LG have an ultrawide 1080p IPS monitor for under $200?
Aaron   I got the 27” Samsung one.
AaronAmazon Prime Day is off to a good start...
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Aaron   Lots of cute dogs, tho.

Uncle Dude   I can understand the congestion if these cute dogs are available at bargain prices.
Ian - Alexander ArtsI still haven't started the RE7 DLC like I said I was going to about 2 weeks ago... I think I won't admit to myself that I am too scared, lol! But really, it's a game that you need to be in the mood for and have enough time to immerse yourself in it. Tonight, I have the chance to play - but will I? Hmmm... first I think I will have some ice cream... and then... probably I will play... I think... probably...
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AerintheADEQUATE   I recently got RE7 and Horizon Zero Dawn to get into, and lately I've been working so much and so tired when I do get home that I just can't play anything even if I want to.
The other night I tried to squeeze in one mission in Warframe and 5 minutes in I was falling asleep.
Ian - Alexander Arts   I'm eating chips and salsa now and watching Anime Abandon... I'll play after that... probably...
Ian - Alexander Arts   Ok, I am going to go play now - for real this time!
[Mod] Rowan
Sonic Mania Plus - Launch Infomercial | PS4
Take a trip back to the 90's to celebrate the highest rated ...
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AerintheADEQUATE   A PlayStation branded SEGA commercial. Weird.
The Dork KnightYassssss
UNCHARTED - Live Action Fan Film (2018) Nathan Fillion
Nathan Fillion is Nathan Drake in this live action short fil...
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Alpacachino   That was legit good. Way better than 99% of fan movies out there.
best_jeppe   At first I thought this was made by the same person who did the "Dirty Laundry"-punisher short but that doesn't seem to be the case.
Lance Latham   Enjoyed it quite a bit. Thinking maybe they should have teamed up with Rocket Jump.
[Mod] Rowanwelcome to yarnam
Bloodborne X Unravel - Fear the Old Yarn - Easy Update
We are born of the yarn, made men by the yarn, undone by the...
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[Mod] Rowan   The cleric beast looks especially terrifying
Amazon Prime Day 2018: Guide to All the Best Deals
Prime Day 2018 Starts Today - Amazon Devices Including Echo, Kindle, and Fire TV Are Live. Want more deals? Join the IGN Deals Newsletter. Welcome to IGN's hub for all things Amazo...
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AerintheADEQUATE   I had a free trial of Prime going for a bit. It expired the day before all these deals and such.
WhammyTime   Funnily enough, I had already used my free trail well before this and now I have another one for some reason. Prime wasn't really worth it in the Republic of Ireland (Amazon UK is the closest option), however now they have introduced two day delivery. Which is actually pretty good considering it could take up to a week or more for items to be delivered.

So there you go, I'm sure you're all happy to know that.
AerintheADEQUATE   I think they let you have one free trial every year now. I could be wrong.
AaronHe’s not wrong. Though the one thing they’ve nailed is Backwards Compatibility.
The Xbox One Is A Bit Shit (The Jimquisition) http://www.thejimquisiti...
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Thor   XBOX game pass is the only good thing as far as software is concerned. Also, console and controller build quality is far superior to PS4. Best to have a good PC for multi-platforms and PS4 for exclusives IMO.
[Mod] Esteban   Did this really surprise anyone? It’s just a little bit better XboneS that still is limited by the same things that have plagued the original Xbone. The foundation was always entertainment hub and the Kinect future but they never really expanded on the tertiary games part when they abandoned those key pillars. It has a lot of the games the others have but real system sellers have been few and far between.
WhammyTime   I will say that the One X is worth it. I'm very happy and suitably impressed with it, I buy all my third party games on it and will continue to do so for the rest of the generation.
AxelI am still playing through Persona 5 and really into it I'm just mad at Atlus for it's stupidly prohibitive policy regarding screenshots/share of their game I mean seriously blocking 100% of the game it's a little much don't you think? I don't mind during some key moments cinematics and all that but 100% of the game... come on, how insecure do you have to be ノಠ_ಠノ
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StarBound   Yeah its annoying.
WillumsFillum   I can't get over it... I'm 10 hours in and really enjoying it.
Barachim   It's dumb. If people want to upload spoilers, this isn't going to stop them. It just pisses everybody else off, who like to take screenshots of their playthrough.
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Cottelito   But why would you ever play this on anything other than a Playstation?
Alpacachino   @Cotelitto: Wild guess would be because you don't own a PS4 :d
StarBound   I was gonna say because PC is capable of playing it better.
Res BellicaeI have my problems with Assassin's Creed games. But more on the lore side, than anything else. I enjoy AC games for that. But one of the main problems I have is, that Ubisoft not only went away from that lore they established, but also breaking it in the process. And this video explains it very good.
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iUserProfile   I'm genuinely surprised that somebody still cares about the lore and story of Assasins Creed. I always felt that the official canon was "Ah-Whatever" from "Assasins Creed 2 Part 3" on out.
[Mod] Esteban   Yeah the Lore was broken in AC2 and has been creating new gaps and logic conundrums with each new game. It's the game equivalent to the Saw movie series, each new one tries to address the previous ones plot holes but only makes a bigger convoluted mess that is just pointlessly ridiculous in how it creates even more plot holes
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